Best Laptop For After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool, and that is precisely why it requires a powerful computer to do all the processing too. The performance of the system highly affects the efficiency of video editing, which, as a result, significantly reduces the time it takes to finish processing a video. Most people prefer buying a high-end desktop system for using Adobe After Effects, but not everyone has the luxury of a fixed workplace.

A laptop is a perfect solution for someone who works in different places. In such cases, a desktop computer can no longer work, even though it offers a lot of advantages over a laptop system. As for Adobe After Effects, if you want good performance, you need to buy a high-end laptop, which costs above a thousand dollars for the most part. 

Currently, AMD and Intel are giving tough competition to each other, and there are many mobile processors available in laptops by both companies. AMD Ryzen 6000-series and Intel 12th-generation Core i-series processors are the latest iterations by the Red and Blue team. The AMD processors provide better power efficiency, while Intel processors have the luxury of features like Thunderbolt 4. 

As for the laptop manufacturers, there are dozens of high-quality laptop producers on the market, although ASUS, Acer, DELL, HP, MSI, and Lenovo are at the top of the chart. You can go for the expensive studio-grade laptops for Adobe After Effects, but many people buy a gaming laptop for applications like these due to lower prices and similar features. In this article, we will be reviewing the best laptop for Adobe After Effects.

Robert James
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