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Several brands are evident when we examine the PC community. These brands manufacture PC components and even sell fully custom-built gaming laptops and PCs that are ready to do everything when plugged into your home’s power outlet, but how do you know which brand is providing quality products?

MSI, Gigabyte HP Omen, and Dell Alienware are some of the popular brands in today’s PC community and the list goes on further when you look into the PC gaming community. 

Both Gigabyte and MSI manufacture regular PC products, whereas the Omen and Alienware supply desktops and laptops that are built for extreme usage purposes. 

These are all good companies but ASUS has been the top leading brand for a while in this community.

Whether it is a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop the major thing that always comes to mind when purchasing anything from Asus is Are ASUS products good? So Let’s dig into this topic and see if it’s worth it to buy anything from Asus. 

Are ASUS Computers And Laptops Good?

Are ASUS Computers and Laptops Good? is a major query for users looking to buy high-quality products, the simple answer to this question is Yes, Asus is a well-reputed and reliable brand that provides both quality performance.

 We need to explore how old is ASUS because only then could we figure out if ASUS is a good brand? And Does Asus make good gaming laptops?

Originally ASUS was started in 1989 and they continued to expand their operations while doing this they also partnered with ASRock which is another big reliable brand. Sadly both of these companies went their separate ways and ended their partnership a few years back.

ASRock and ASUS are two different brands that work independently but both of these companies are making some of the best yet reliable PC parts. 

What Is ASUS Net Worth?

Depending upon their net worth which means income we can estimate how much they sell their products. So In 2020, it was stated that ASUS has earned an income of more than $28.4 Billion and it was also stated that ASUS is the World’s 5th largest PC vendor by the unit to Wikipedia.

 So Considering this we can estimate how much people trust ASUS for their PC parts and how much they buy products from ASUS. 

ASUS Average Rating And Score

It’s important to know the public opinion on how much they like ASUS products so I did a little research on that and found out that the average rating for most of their products is listed above 4 and 4.5 and not below 3 which is very decent in my opinion. 

A Score of this type usually means that apart from small issues that can be fixed there is no major problem with their laptops and the customer is satisfied with how the product performs.

If you look at other manufacturers’ product ratings they are also mostly similar which we can consider that it’s mostly just the public opinion and liking. 

There are some products from both ASUS and other companies which have a score above 4.5 and some even have a full 5-star rating. If you look closely into this you can understand that a product getting a 5-star rating fits the user’s opinions and description about that product.

Whereas, a product getting a rating near 4 and around 3.5 means that apart from small little issues it is fine.

So Now if you take a look at those ASUS product ratings they are very decent and judging by that you can easily guess how reliable and good their products are.

Are Asus laptops Good For Gaming

Yes, they are good for gaming. Different products are priced differently based on their specs but when you look into products from ASUS they always try to provide you the best thing possible at the lowest price possible. 

Of course, the price will be high if you are going with the latest and high-end laptop but if you move down a little bit you can see the difference in the price very specifically.

The aim that ASUS has is to give its users the best reliable experience possible so they are more focused on their products' build quality, design language, and life expectancy. 

If a company is providing you with these three major things in their products then it is a solid piece of hardware. Not only ASUS but other manufacturers also try to do the same thing of giving their users the best user experience possible at a low price and you can mostly find it in the smartphone market.

Selling a product at a lower cost does not gradually mean that it’s of bad quality and you can see that from good reviews by other people on ASUS products and with other companies from the smartphone side like One Plus, Vivo, and other big companies. 

ASUS aims to provide you with the best thing possible at a lower price is very good because they know what a user expects from its products. 

ASUS Area Of Specialty

Each company is best at doing some things that other companies can’t do and Apple is the biggest example of this that I can give you as you see different android companies always trying to give something newer to its users which is more fun and exciting.

Users are obsessed with Apple products and the company does not even bring features like android to its devices but they are still the top phone seller globally because people buy their devices like crazy. This is also a similar case to ASUS.

ASUS has been making some of the best-looking products and laptops since the beginning and the company has taken a step further in terms of design with its new ROG series products.

ASUS ROG-based products are a combination of best performance and best design. In the gaming community style is a must-have thing for gamers which is why ASUS makes some of the best aesthetically looking products.

They have also rebranded themselves as the Republic Of Gamers recently which shows just how confident they are in their products. You can pick any of their products from the ROG series and you will certainly be impressed by its aesthetics and build quality.

How Long Do ASUS Laptops Last?

As I have previously mentioned, the best thing that ASUS provides on top of everything is the build quality and reliability but How Long ASUS Laptops Last is the real question here. Laptops are some of the most abused used pieces of hardware as they are used everywhere and travel everywhere with you there is a high chance of their breaking even with the slightest makes.

Today’s laptops are much thicker in build quality and are very light in weight so there is a high chance of their breakage unless a company is using a very highly durable material on it.

Thankfully ASUS cares about it and despite being thin and lightweight their laptops are much more durable because of the material used in their laptops like metal and aluminum but no matter what if it’s abused heavily it is going to break no matter from which brand the laptop is from because they are fragile. This does not mean that Laptops can’t stand a very long time in terms of durability but they can certainly handle light breakage or bending. 

Is ASUS A Good Brand?

Considering Asus from its products perspective, it’s a good brand. Each brand offers a warranty on the product that you are purchasing from them in case it breaks or starts functioning abnormally so it can be replaced free of cost and depending on the brand and product the warranty period differs.

ASUS also offers warranty for its products to its users but they are also different. We are here to discuss how their warranty support and time are. 

Depending upon your product it will be different if it is a small product like a GPU or other components the product will have a warranty of one or two years but if it is a laptop that you are buying then it should have a larger warranty period of 3 to 4 years. 

The warranty period often depends on the product price so if you are purchasing something that is of high cost then the smaller component like GPU should also have a larger warranty period.

How Well Is ASUS Compared To Other Brands?

There are certain brands with certain products that sometimes offer a higher amount of features than ASUS is giving to us but the one thing that they will Lack will always be the build quality and reliability of that product because no one does better than that ASUS. 

HP Omen, Dell Alienware, and MSI are competing directly with ASUS with their products but one thing that ASUS offers aside from build quality and reliability is also the features.

When you purchase a laptop from ASUS it will have some modifications done on it already to enhance the user experience even more for example it will have a custom ROG theme windows user experience and the BIOS will unlock more features that other companies fail to provide.

These features are not always mandatory but it’s nice knowing that they are there and can be used when it is time to use them. 

What Are The Problems With ASUS Laptops?

As with other manufacturers, ASUS sometimes fails to deliver everything that they promise their users because there is no product invented without a flaw. 

ASUS laptops don’t include a major flaw in them that will disrupt your working sessions but they have some common problems which include errors like RAM management. Hard Disk errors Windows failing to load and quick battery drainage but all these problems are common and other laptops also suffer them. 


There you have the full explanation and product quality of the query Are ASUS Computers and Laptops Good? Many people are familiar with this brand and I use ASUS products on my gaming PC because I know that they are reliable and will last me longer than other brands.

ASUS has been a go-to choice for me and I buy their products without giving a second thought to myself because I have been a long-term user of their products and know-how to operate with them. If you care about anything it will last you longer than your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asus Good For Gaming?

Asus is one of the most popular and top notch brands which produces magnificent products. It is good for gaming.

Is Asus a reliable brand?

Asus entered the community in 1989, so its a reliable brand.

Is Asus laptop worth buying?

Yes, Asus manufacturers magnificent products which are worth buying.

Is ASUS better than HP?

Yes, Asus provides quality products whereas HP is a decent brand.