So, you’ve just decided to play Fortnite, one of the most popular mobile and PC games, on your PC, but you’re not sure how it will perform. Well, no need to worry any further as in this guide we are going to discuss whether is Fortnite more CPU or GPU intensive and this will probably give you an idea of how well your PC can play it. 

Although the game is also available on a console, since it’s a battle royal game, it is more fun to play on a PC as compared to a console, as on a console you are limited to only 30FPS, which is outdated for a battle game.

Even though the game was first released on mobile, its popularity quickly grew. This game gave tough competition to the Player Unknown Battle Ground, and seeing its popularity, the developers decided to release it on other gaming platforms. 

There have been some visual and gameplay changes in the PC version of Fortnite, so let’s examine if your PC is able to run it as smoothly.

Is Fortnite More CPU Or GPU Intensive?

In short, Fortnite tends to utilize more GPU resources than CPU resources, but don’t let it give you the wrong idea, as higher GPU usage doesn’t necessarily mean that all your CPU power is going to waste. Every game consumes CPU power, but some games use it more and some use it less.

Moreover, Fortnite relies heavily on the GPU for two aspects.

High Graphics 

Although the game’s graphics might not seem that much more intensive compared to other games as they have more of a different tone to them, in reality, they utilize more VRAM than other games because of the graphics engine and special effects that the game uses.

Special Ingame Effects

Fortnite shares similar visual effects to other games like Dota 2 or Apex Legends, which are also graphically intensive games. Recent updates to the game have somewhat impacted the performance of the game as of the continuous addition of new stuff and characters.

Whereas, It relies on the CPU power to help load the game whenever there are more resources loaded. 

If you are upgrading your PC specifically to run games like Fortnite or other heavy titles, upgrading the GPU is more appropriate than upgrading the CPU. Some games are CPU intensive, but most of them heavily rely on the GPU. 

Additionally, this does not mean that you don’t need a good CPU, since that is the second most important part. In case of a weak CPU, your GPU’s performance will be limited, and you may experience stutters in the game.

How Much Ram Is Required For Fortnite

At the very least, you should have at least 8GB of RAM to run Fortnite smoothly. Upgrading both the CPU and the GPU to the point where bottleneck issues don’t occur means that you have the right compatible hardware paired. You would also have to upgrade the RAM as it is an extremely important part of the PC, so make sure that you have the right amount.

Updated Fortnite Requirements:

Well, the most comfortable option will be to go with the latest Ryzen7 or Intel Core I7 CPU, whichever one suits you the most. Going with a CPU like Ryzen 9 or an Intel Core I9 would be a waste of your money unless you don’t run heavy programs that are CPU intensive.

The minimum RAM required should be at least 8GB, and if you can go higher, then 24GB will be enough, and if you don’t want to ever experience slower PC performance while multitasking, then go with the 32GB and choose the RAM that has good room for overclocking.

Most AAA titles can be played at their highest settings on an Intel Core I7 6th or 7th generation processor paired with a GTX 1080 Ti graphics card.

As for the GPUs, you should probably go with an RTX 3050 at the lowest, but if you want something higher end, then go with an RTX 3070 and you will never have to worry about running any game on your PC.

If you have a budget for a mid-range GPU or CPU, then going with something older is not bad at all, but be careful if you are going with an outdated product, then remember to choose only the flagship model, otherwise, the same performance issue will remain.

Secondly, Fortnite’s gameplay is extremely GPU-intensive as when users are engaged while battles are constantly taking place, both CPUs and GPUs are utilized, with CPUs dominating.

Due to all the effects, when they fight near you, the GPU usage goes high. This begs the question of what upgrades you should think about in order to play games like it more frequently and without problems.

Final Words:

So far, you have been satisfied with the question is Fortnite more CPU or GPU intensive?

Whether you are upgrading your PC or building a new one for gaming purposes, always go with the powerful GPU because games rely the heaviest on them. 

As for the CPU, make sure that you have a decent CPU and something like the Ryzen 7 with 8 cores is a much better option to ensure no bottleneck issues. 

Moreover, the requirements mentioned above will be perfect for you to run any game, no matter if it’s old or new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CPU affect Fortnite FPS?

Although, the game is more reluctant towards your GPU for visual effects but you still require a more modern, fast and efficient CPU to run the game without performance issues.

What CPU is best for Fortnite?

If you want to play the game without worrying about high FPS or minor problems, a 3rd Gen I3 can also handle the task. If you want to reach greater FPS, you need at least a Core I5 7600 or more recent.

How much GPU does Fortnite use?

Fortnite doesn’t need a higher GPU; in fact, an older GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7870 with 2GB of VRAM can run the game at high settings without any issues.