Best Ethernet Cable For Laptops

Internet is one of the basic requirements of today’s society, and you will see that there is internet in the homes of even lower-class families. Over the past decade, many advancements came in internet technology, resulting in a great increase in the overall speed of the internet.

Even though most people use a Wi-Fi connection for the internet, many people prefer using an Ethernet cable instead due to its advantages. First of all, there are almost no signal losses in Ethernet cable, while the Wi-Fi connection suffers from signal losses over distance. The latency of a connection over an Ethernet cable is also much better than a Wi-Fi connection, which is one of the major priorities of online gamers.

Most laptops come with an RJ45 port at the rear or the side, which enables the user to connect an Ethernet cable with it. Apart from the internet, you can use an Ethernet cable for data transfer too, which is much faster than the Wi-Fi connection, especially in the case of a Gigabit LAN connection.

Ethernet cables have gotten quite advanced in the past years, and now we see Cat8 and Cat7 cables on the market, while the Cat6 cable was popular in the previous decade. A big issue with Ethernet cables is that they tend to have low durability, although many cable manufacturers these days offer durable Ethernet cables. In this article, we will be checking the best Ethernet cable for laptops.

Robert James
Since childhood, I have always been intrigued by computer technology and experimented with various hardware and software. I'm grateful for my education at Princeton University which enabled me to pursue my dream as a computer engineer swiftly.